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THE CLEAR Advantage
For Oilfield Construction Services

Drawing from decades of experience, Clear Energy's experts combine years of management across operations, safety, personnel, procurement, accounting, and logistics to deliver industry-leading oilfield construction services in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. We provide best-in-class service and expertise for our clients.

Turnkey Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction services from start to finish. From brownfield to capital projects… you’re covered.

Midstream & Pipeline Construction

Our Midstream and Pipeline teams go above and beyond to make your experience with Clear Energy extraordinary.

State-of-the-Art Tracking and Reporting

Our Project Management Office (PMO) deploy and maintain project specific data points from the field daily.

Integrated Project Management Solutions

Custom SharePoint solutions for daily logs, RFI’s, change orders, QA/QC logs, manpower headcount... etc.

Four advantages of

Working With Clear Energy


Integrated Project Management System​:  

• SharePoint
• Project Management System​
• Shared Client Portal​

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Project Planning & Execution:

• AWP - Advanced Work Packaging
​• IWP​ - Installation Work Package
• BIM​ - Building Information Modeling
• P6 Scheduling & Progress Updates

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Joint Engineering Venture:

• Design & Engineering​
• FEL Phase gate approach​
• 3D Field Scanning​
• Advanced integrated software​

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Process Based Methodology:

• Accredited Practitioners​
• Project Management
• Risk Management Plan​
• Knowledge Management Plan

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Line of Fire
Stop Work Authority
Vehicle Safety
Lockout / Tagout
Confined Space Entry
Work Permitting
Fall Protection
Safety First

Clear Energy Services Critical 9 Life Saving Rules

The Critical 9 Life Saving Rules are the major principles for the Clear Energy Services Safety Program. Our goal is to achieve excellent safety performance and to emphasize the importance of the most critical safety requirements within our policies and procedures.

  • Stop Work Authority is intended to suspend potential unsafe acts or conditions from an individual task or group operations.
  • In The Line of Fire refers to any potential exposure to injury resulting from the release of energy during the operation of any machinery or task involving your body being in harms way. This type of hazard can occur in construction, electric, and manufacturing settings.
  • Vehicle Safety is the responsibility of all individuals who drive motor vehicles. Clear Energy Services is committed to providing our workforce all the tools needed for safe driving. All drivers shall always wear seat belts and prevent any distractions while driving.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is clothing or equipment designed to reduce employee exposure to chemical, biological, and physical hazards when on a worksite. It is used to protect employees when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible.
  • Lockout/Tagout is a protection system against unintentional exposure to hazardous energy from equipment and machinery. A lockout device, such as a padlock, secures the energy isolating device while a tagout device warns employees not to use the equipment.
  • Excavation is a daily activity for Clear Energy Services that is extremely important to have an understanding of the hazards associated with excavating near underground utilities. CES participates in 811 and click before you dig One Call programs.
  • Work Permit is a written record that authorizes specific work, at a specific work location, for a specific time period. Permits are used for controlling and coordinating work to establish and maintain safe working conditions.
  • Confined Space work scope is one of the most dangerous aspects in the heavy construction industry. Clear Energy Services is committed to working closely together with all our clients to ensure everyone can go home safely.
  • Fall Protection can be the difference between life or death. Falls are among the most common causes of serious work related injuries and deaths.
Corporate Sustainability Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a concept that refers to a company's responsibility to have a positive impact on our community and the local environment. It involves integrating social, environmental, and ethical concerns into our business operations and decision-making processes.

The goal of CSR is to promote sustainable development, which means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A company that embraces CSR takes a long-term view of its impact and recognizes that its success is linked to the well-being of society and the environment.

In summary, Corporate Sustainability Responsibility is a vital concept for modern businesses to embrace. By taking responsibility for their social and environmental impact, companies can contribute to sustainable development, enhance their reputation, and create long-term value for all stakeholders.