Instrumentation & Electrical Installation

Instrumentation and Electrical Installation Services

Safe, reliable instrumentation and electrical help keep your plant or property running smoothly. Our team of electricians is highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. We can help with instrumentation selection, setup and installation to meet your operations needs. We help oil and gas properties throughout Texas, Lousiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico keep operations running at optimal levels.

Skilled, Safe Electrical Installation

Electrical and instrumentation components are vital for productivity. Downtime represents dollars lost, and can severely impact your bottom line. Our team helps your operations stay running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Electrical Installation and Instrumentation Services Include:

  • medium and low voltage wiring, installation and testing
  • cable tray and conduit installation
  • electrical equipment
  • motor control centers and switchgear
  • transformers, power and lighting panels
  • electrical heat tracing
  • grounding, lighting, and instrument installation
  • start-up assistance
  • loop check
  • tubing installation
  • instrument stand fabrication and installation

Looking for help with your electrical and instrumentation needs? Contact our team.